maritOttor Global Services Ltd is an internationally recognized risk management company delivering innovative, integrated solutions in marine and oil and gas industries respectively

Our team of maritime security experts has a thorough knowledge of the requirements and implications of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) legislation and has extensive experience providing security solutions, strategic advice and operational assistance to production, shipping and transport companies worldwide.

Our maritime team comprises consultants from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including international special forces; Army and Navy; government officials; the diplomatic service; and international law enforcement. The consultants are supported by a dynamic in-house team of political and security risk analysts and operations consultants and a wide network of retained local specialists.

The integrity of marine and offshore based components is vital due to the harsh and demanding environment they work in. Ottor Global Services’ Lubricant Quality Scan (LQS) provides the marine industry with a full engineering interpretation of lubricant quality testing data, providing the client with a comprehensive test report on both the condition of the lubricating oil and health of the machinery.

We also carry out maritime engine and power system lubricant tests, for shipping and offshore marine clients.

Typical lubricants evaluation and testing reports for ship engines and other machinery:

  1. Viscosity
  2. Insolubles
  3. Flashpoint
  4. TBN/AN
  5. Water Content
  6. Wear Metal Tests include:
  • PQ Index
  • Fibre Count
  • Contamination
  • Oil Cleanliness
  • Wear Metals Testing

High levels of wear particles may give advance warning of possible engine malfunction, allowing early remedial action to be taken. A good overall wear metals results suggest no undue wearing is taking place, and the operator may extend the interval between services or the life of the oil charge, thus reducing ship operating costs and the environmental problems associated with waste oil disposal.