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Transforming Independence

With our global experience, exposure, research and partnership with four most energy solution companies from around the world, Ottor Global Services Ltd and Ottor Global GmbH brings to Middle East and Africa a Total Energy Solution.

Imagine a city with so much renewable energy that guarantees and sustains a 24 hours uninterrupted electricity for your business, homes and industry for a long period of at least 10 years while keeping the environment clean and safe. Imagine lives been transformedtotal_solution by generating your own electricity which is a worthwhile.

The process only requires you to be able to store your home’s generated energy for when you want to use it and also be able to give out your excess energy to your neighbors. With Intelligent energy management solution which we are known, you can take the full advantage of what nature offers in energy as well as other traditional means and put them all in one power source.

For you to get your independent through this transformation, the cost of implementing this Total Energy Solution is VERY affordable and can not be imagined or compared with the conventional National Grid approach which does not even guarantee a stable supply of energy.

This solution also give opportunity to go into cooling system and heating system and for either individual, an organisation, an institution, a university, small communities, an estate or even the Government to invest in and also enable you to sell out excess generated power to your neighborhood.

Other Benefits of Energy Solution

  • Independent energy management
  • Sustainable Change Transformation
  • Flexible Transformation
  • In-dependable peace of mind
  • Guaranteed affordable setup cost
  • More Transformation